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We DO special orders

We provide shipment for new vehicles

We provide shipping services to satisfy all your care. Contact us today to identify your vehicle of
choice and we will ship and deliver it to you!

We Sell Used Vehicles

We Sell Used Vehicles

Leave the risk and hassle of purchasing a used car to us. If we do not have exactly what you are
looking for in our inventory, no problem. We will source it for you.

Coming Soon

Rental Services

Not only do we help with you purchasing the right vehicle, but we also provide rental services as we
aim to satisfy all our customers needs. We have a wide range of vehicles for short- and long-term

Why Choose Roacheline?

First Car Service

If this is your first car then we have your back. From financing to deciding on the best make and model, Roacheline is here for you every step of the way.


Roacheline wants all customers to feel safe and secure doing businesses with us. That’s why we provide various warranties to ensure that customers can be confident and protected from unforeseen issues that may arise.

Customer Service
Value For money

Look to the future

Need Motor Vehicle Parts?

Roacheline in the near future will be stocking autoparts for all your favourite makes and models of vehicles. High quality new, used amd original parts will be on sale at affordable prices.

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